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Welcome to the web site of one of the oldest buildings in Australia. In fact St. Luke's is the oldest standing Anglican Church in Australia. Christians have been meeting in our building for generations since 1819.

While the building is old, the people are new.

Why are you here?
Why are we here?
Did you know that...
What should I do if...

Why are you here?

  • Maybe it has been a while since you've been to church and you are thinking about coming to St. Lukes
  • Perhaps you're looking for a new church
  • Maybe a friend or a member of your family told you about St. Luke's and you would like to visit

Whatever the reason we are glad that you are interested and we hope to see you at church. Click here for a listing of our Sunday Service times. You are welcome to contact the church office (Ph 9821 2424 or on email for more information).

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Why are we here?

We don't meet together because we have a romantic attachment to the building! And we don't meet together because it will get us into God's good books. We gather together to meet with God and meet with each other.

You may well be wondering how we expect to meet with God. Is it by feeling his presence? Is it because he lives in this building?

No, it's nothing like that. We meet God by hearing him speak to us in the Bible. As we hear the Bible being read and explained, God himself is speaking to us. He tells us about himself, and us and the world we live in. That is why you will find that this church has an emphasis on the Bible.

One of the most important things God says is that we should listen to him. He wants to forgive us so that we might have a good relationship with him. This is only made possible through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ on the cross.

When we submit to Jesus on his terms, we start the relationship. When you have that relationship, it's like a fresh start with a new and permanent family.

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Did you know that...

We have facilities for children of all ages.

We have special amplification for those with hearing aids. Just switch your hearing aid to the "T" position and hear the difference.

There are a number of groups that meet during the week that you might be interested in joining. There are groups for adults, youth and children. If you are interested in these, please check out the groups page.

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What should I do if... are visiting the church and...

  • I'd like to join St. Luke's. We are glad you would like to meet with us! Please fill out the Newcomers Sheet, and tick the box that says, "I am interested in joining this church." One of the ministry team will talk to you about what is involved in becoming a member of this church.
  • I'm not sure about joining this church. We're always glad to have guests at our meetings. We hope that you feel welcome to stay as long as you would like.
  • I'd like information about groups. The ushers, or members of the ministry team can help you. Or, you may wish to pick up a program as you leave. Please ask the ushers for a copy.
  • I'm not a Christian. We always have friends with us who are not Christians. This is one of the best places to attend if you want to find out more about the Christian faith. We even have special programs to help people find out if they want to be a Christian.
  • I'm just passing through. Please feel free to visit again!