Small Groups for anyone wanting to read the Bible in a small group.

Friendship English Classes for those wanting to learn English in a friendly environment.

WaYout Fellowship Church for those looking to make a life change.

Fresh Food Tuesday for people who require affordable fruit and vegetables.

Friends of St Luke's for seniors of St Luke's.

Mothers Union

Small Groups

Our small groups provide an opportunity for people to meet during the week to explore God's word the Bible together, to pray and support each other, and to deepen friendships and fellowship, and help each other to grow as disciples of Jesus. 


  • Carolyn Osborne: Mount Pritchard, 7:30pm. Ladies Only 


  • Steve Vaughan & Greg Higgins: St Luke's Church Liverpool, 8:15pm.  Men Only


  • Sandy Angel:  St Luke's Church Liverpool, 10 am Ladies Only 
  • Helen Binns: St Luke's Church Liverpool, 10 am Ladies Only
  • Rebecca Gauld: St Luke's Church Liverpool, 10 am Ladies Only 
  • Belinda Macey: St Luke's Church Liverpool, 10 am Ladies Only
  • Stewart Binns:  St Luke's Church Liverpool, 11 am Men Only
  • Gary Angel: Moorebank, 2 pm Mixed
  • Ez Lau & Steve Gauld: St Luke's Church Liverpool, 7:30 pm Mixed
  • Julie Pearson: Mount Pritchard, 7:30 pm Ladies Only


  • Trudi Woods: Mount Pritchard, 7:30 pm Ladies Only 
  • Michael Baker: Casula, 8 pm Mixed 

To find out more call the church office 02 9821 2424 or send an email to the

Friendship English Classes

These classes are aimed at helping people who want to improve in English and conversation.


Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm in the St Luke's Ministry Centre during school terms. Starts 31 January 2018.


Sunday 10:00am-1:00pm in the St Luke's Blackett Hall during school terms. Starts 4 February 2018.

Please contact Helen Binns on 0431 083 180.

WaYout Fellowship Church

WaYout Fellowship Church was developed by Stuart Woods in 2012, to help meet the need for those who might find church daunting. WaYout is for all who want to "check out" who God is, so that an informed choice about Jesus can be considered. It's for all those who want to leave their past behind and make a permanent change.

Join us on the first Wednesday evening of every month at the St Luke's Ministry Centre!

Download talks & interviews / videos and other great links, resources flyers and events: 

Fresh Food Tuesday

Anyone who visits Anglicare Liverpool at St Luke's Liverpool on Fresh Food Tuesday with a pension or healthcare card can take home a bag of fresh fruit and vegetables for a gold coin donation. This is a great opportunity to connect with the community in Liverpool.

Tuesday (except after public holidays) 10.00am – 11.00 am
Anglicare Food

Friends of St Luke's

This is our senior members group with ages ranging from late 50's to late 80's. They usually meet once a month in our Ministry Centre Centre on Saturday afternoon. They also meet at Norma Over's home once a month on Saturday afternoon. If you would like to find out more please contact

Mothers Union

This meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 11:00am in the Ministry Centre. They often have a guest speaker during these mornings. Please feel free to join them.