Peter Lin

Senior Minister

Peter is married to Isobel and they have 3 daughters. An Australian-born-Chinese, Peter grew up in Sydney’s North Shore.

In 1998 he started as a student minister at St Barnabas’ Anglican Church in the South West of Sydney and remained there until he was consecrated as a Bishop in May 2015.  

Peter loves the diversity of the Georges River Region (and the challenges it brings) and just can’t believe the privilege he has in seeing people from the nations of the world come to know Jesus.



Esmond Lau

Associate Minister

Ez is married to Winnie and they have two kids, Micah and Isobel. Ez was born in Hong Kong, raised in Brisbane, and trained as a pharmacist.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and eating too much food. Most of all, he loves following Jesus and sharing God's Word with others.



Adam Johnson

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Adam is a full time student at Youthworks Anglican College and loves learning about and talking to people about Jesus.

Adam enjoys watching movies, is a very big fan of Batman and is fascinated by astronomy. 



Belinda Macey

Office Administrator

Belinda is married to Andrew and they have four daughters. Belinda loves cooking, watching cooking shows, being creative and going on family holidays.

When Belinda is not shuffling paper, answering phones at the office, and coordinating Women on Wednesday, she is being a wife, mother and occasional parent helper at her kids school.


Stuart Woods

Community Chaplain

Stu is married to Trudi and they have two boys, Jeremy and Alex. They've been part of St Luke's since 1997.

He runs WaYout Fellowship Church to help those who want to leave their past behind and make a permanent change.

He works as the Break the Cycle Chaplain on Mondays including hosting Sorted! Life skills course for men at St Luke's and also at Macquarie Fields on other days.



Stuart Pearson

Benevolent Dictator

Stu-Baby is married to Julie 'Julz' Pearson and have three derelict children; the-one-who-left-home, he-who-shall-not-be-named and Mia. They've been part of St Luke's for way too long. 

He does something, but we're not sure what. He prides himself on only working one day a week.